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Thames Estuary Airport

graphic of aerodrome terminalgraphic of aerodrome terminalgraphic of aerodrome terminal

One down, one to go!

It was with great pleasure and enormous relief that we heard the news that the Airports Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, had finally rejected the idea of an airport in the Thames Estuary. This has been a long time coming, but at last we know that we will not have planes flying just above the village and that the Hoo Peninsular is safe. It is noticeable that the Mayor of London is still saying that the plan is not dead. We think it is. Various plans for an airport have been rejected over the years and it is hard to see how any Government could go against the Commission's recommendations. Well done to all who have voiced their opposition and made their views known.

There is just one very important hurdle to overcome - The Third Thames Crossing. With the airport out of the way the case for the crossing between Chalk and Higham has grown weaker. There will be no need for any infrastructure to service and airport. We must all keep up the pressure on Government to ensure that this dies in the same way as the airport.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this fine outcome.

Harold Craske
Les Pearton
(Gravesham Borough Councillors)

2 September 2014.

A New Airport at Grain?

Over the years the residents of the Hoo Peninsula and Higham have had to put up with various proposals for airports being built at one place or another. Remember Maplin? Remember Cliffe? Remember Boris Island? Residents of Higham in particular also have worries about a Third Thames Crossing and proposals to diminish the Green Belt.

But here we go again. An airport at Grain! A daft proposal by Lord Foster. At least the Leader of Medway Council has said “The plan to build an airport on the Isle of Grain is, quite possibly, the daftest in a long list of pie-in-the-sky schemes." So far I have seen nothing from the Leader of Gravesham Council.

I have to say that I agree with Medway. Just think of the impact an airport would have on the village. Even though Lord Foster says that planes would land over the Estuary there can be no doubt that many planes would fly low over the village. Imagine the impact on all villagers. I do not have to go into further details; you have all been through this before.

The two Borough Councillors for Higham Ward, Les Pearton and I, pledge to do all that we can to stop this scheme and to work with Medway Council, on whose land the airport would be situated and all others who would be affected. I know that the Parish Council will work with other parishes with a similar aim.

Harold Craske
Gravesham Borough Councillor for Higham

3 November 2011

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