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Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) -- The Protests


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Update 5  and the wait goes on.... [ 15 July 2014 ]

Announcement from the Department for Transport

The Secretary of State for Transport has today (15-7-2014) announced the governments’ response to consultation on options for a new Lower Thames Crossing.

The response sets out the decisions government has reached taking into account the numerous and diverse points raised during consultation. Namely, it

•   confirms there is a need for a new crossing,
•   advises that, as there is as yet no clear preference, government will develop and appraise route options for both location options A and C before choosing where to site a new crossing. (Option A is at the existing crossing and Option C is a new link connecting the A2/M2 with the A13 and M25), and

•   advises that government expects to consult on a proposed solution in late 2015 or early 2016.

For further details please access the government website at www.gov.uk/government/collections/lower-thames-crossing for:

•   a short public information video

•   Written Ministerial Statement

•   Press notice

•   Response to Consultation document

•   5 technical notes - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/lower-thames-crossing-comparative-air-quality-assessment-of-options

Update 4  [ 12 December 2013 ]

Announcement from the Department for Transport

The government has announced that one option is eliminated from their LTC proposal options.  However, Option C (which affects the parish the most) remains along with Option A.  Read the government announcement and see the BBC News article.

Update 3  [ 14 June 2013 ]

Register YOUR objections to the Lower Thames Crossing proposals in writing before 16 July 2013


Gravesham Borough Councillor, Harold Craske, has set out some valid points and comments.  Please read them.  Also prepared for you is a sample draft letter of objection against Option CTo make your opposition known, respond to the Consultations by email or letter, rather than the on-line form.

Gravesham Rural Forum poster for the Rural Forum meeting on 4th July at Thamesview School

...meeting to discuss the proposals for, and Option C impact of the new Lower Thames Crossing, on Thursday, 4th July at Thamesview School, Thong Lane, Gravesend at 7.30pm with a representative of the Department for Transport being present.  Please make every effort to attend and make your opposition to Option C known.

The next Higham Parish Council Ordinary Meeting will take place a week later than planned (on 15th July) as the original meeting date of 8th July is to be used for a BBC Radio Kent hosted debate on plans for a new Thames river crossing between Kent and Essex.  This will be held at the Dartford Bridge Hilton Hotel. If you would like to be in the audience to put your own views across, you can request tickets by emailing radio.kent@bbc.co.uk.  You can also write to: BBC Radio Kent, The Great Hall, Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1QQ. Tickets are free but are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. The deadline for ticket applications is 30 June.

•  Read a BBC News item which covers the three options and the consultation.

•  See the Department for Transport's LTC web page with links to reports, detailed costings and options plus dates & places for public information events on the LTC.

Update 2  [ 6 February 2011 ]


The Gravesham Rural Neighbourhood Forum Meeting on 2nd February 2011 was held at Higham Memorial Hall and dealt with the case for and against a new Lower Thames Crossing.

In excess of 500 people heard Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council, outline details from the recent Growth without Gridlock Report which included plans for a new Lower Thames Crossing to the east of Gravesend.

An alternative viewpoint of how the situation could be managed without the need for a new crossing was put forward by Richard Knox Johnston, Chairman of Protect Kent, part of the Council for the Protection of Rural England.

Cllr. Mike Snelling, in his capacity as Leader of Gravesham Borough Council, confirmed his Council’s opposition to these crossing proposals.

The evening concluded with a question and answer session from the floor which confirmed the overwhelming opposition of all those present to the current proposals.


Public Meeting 7pm to 9pm

Wednesday 2nd February 2011 in the Memorial Hall, School Lane, Higham ME3 7JL

>>   Lower Thames Crossing Proposals   <<<
photograph of Paul Crick (Director, Integrated Strategy and Planning, KCC) and Paul Carter (Leader KCC)photograph of (l to r) Richard Knox Johnston (Chair, Protect Kent); Adam Holloway (Gravesham MP); Cllr Mike Snelling (Leader, Gravesham Borough Council); Cllr David Turner (Istead Rise Ward)
There was a Public Meeting with KCC Leader, Paul Carter to hear proposals and plans for the Lower Thames Crossing.  Other alternatives were presented by Richard Knox Johnston of Protect Kent and Cllr Mike Snelling, Leader, Gravesham Borough Council.  You all came and heard about this important local issue. More information soon....

photograph of the crowded Public Meetingphotograph of the crowded Public Meeting

Read more about KCC's vision of Growth Without Gridlock and read views of Higham Parish Council.

image of the 2 February 2011 Public Meeting poster

Update 1 


What has been announced? At the end of January 2010, Kent County Council leader Paul Carter revealed his vision for a £1billion privately funded road, crossing the Thames, east of Gravesend and linking with the M11 to ease traffic jams at the Dartford Crossing.This was outlined in his vision for 21st Century Kent. This is a visionary document drawing on a year’s consultation. Overall, it provides an exciting blueprint for the county’s future. As part of this project, KCC commissioned Sir Terry Farrell to produce a wide-ranging spatial vision for Kent, making clear its ambitions for the future. To turn this vision into action, further detailed work will be developed with District and Borough Councils, Medway Council, and with local businesses and communities.
[See the 21st Century Kent document in PDF format; ~4Mb file size & opens in new window.]



What is the view of our local representatives?


MP Adam Holloway said “I would be against a Lower Thames Crossing that is routed to the east of Gravesham but what was announced is only a vision. There is a need for the regeneration of Kent but any new Thames Crossing must be in incorporated in the existing transport corridor”


Higham Parish Council Chairman, Jennifer Papadopulos said “I am very surprised at the sudden announcement by Paul Carter stating that his preference for a new Thames Crossing should be east of Gravesend. There was absolutely no advance warning”.


Gravesham Borough Council Leader, Mike Snelling said: "Although we accept entirely the need for more capacity across the river, we’ve never accepted that this should go through this most beautiful part of the countryside. Gravesham Borough Council will oppose that totally as our land is precious to us."


What can the Parish Council do? Higham Parish Council support both Gravesham Borough Council and MP Adam Holloway’s opposition to the stated preferred option for the crossing. With regards to reducing traffic jams at the Dartford Crossing, we also support the idea of abolishing the existing tolls as the crossing has now paid for itself.


Your Parish Council will remain ever vigilant and even if it’s many years time before these plans take any shape, we will keep you informed and will continue to act in the best interests of the village.


We must remember that this is currently only a ‘vision’ and detailed plans at this stage are not available, no local consultation has taken place and a Lower Thames Crossing is not currently funded. So there is a long way to go. There are other options for a crossing and the most economical option would be to use an existing transport corridor. 


You can email us with any comments: enquiries@higham-kent-pc.gov.uk


Pictured below is a copy of the letter from Mr Adam Holloway, MP for Gravesham to Cllr. Jennifer Papadopulos, Chairman of Higham Parish Council.  Cllr. Papadopulos wants to share the contents of this letter with Parishioners.

copy of the letter from Mr Adam Holloway, MP for Gravesham

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