FOR INFO: Lower Thames Crossing – Ground Surveys continue

Lower Thames Crossing – Ground Surveys continue

Highways England (HE) is currently undertaking a series of surveys at locations throughout North Kent and Essex to help improve their proposals and support the Development Consent Order application.

As well as continuing with ground investigations, archaeological trial trenching and utility trial trenching, HE will now also be carrying out nail surveys which involves installing small survey nails along and near to the proposed route.

What are they doing?

Ground investigations

This mainly consists of drilling boreholes with a rig through soils up to depths of 60m, to identify the geology, obtain samples, and carry out tests.

Archaeological trial trenching

HE are digging shallow trenches with mechanical excavators to assess the archaeological features of a site. The trenches are approximately 30 metres long and 2 metres wide.

Utility trial trenching

HE are digging small trenches either by hand-digging or with the use of a vacuum excavator, before scanning for existing belowground utilities.

Survey nails

HE are installing survey nails to identify the geographic coordinates of the proposed route and associated works. They are small in size and designed to ensure that they are not a trip hazard.

Where will the investigations take place?

The borehole and trench locations are mainly on private farmland along or near to the proposed route.

For some of the utilities surveys, the works can also include public roads. The survey nails will be installed on private land and public pathways or roads.

When will the work take place?

This phase of surveys will continue until early 2021. Most of the work will take place Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm with the possibility of some weekends. HE will continue to write to nearby residents in advance to let the know what is happening and when.

For further information visit the Highways England Communities page here:

Lower Thames Crossing - Community Pages

Higham Parish Council

Higham Library and Coronavirus

Higham Library and Coronavirus

A number of KCC libraries are now open for socially distanced browsing and our Select and Collect service. Sadly, Higham is not one of these. We will update our website and our Facebook page should we be notified of any changes to the current situation.

Kent Libraries

Please check the Events calendar on the Parish Council website for further details on events that are running or have been cancelled/postponed.

Events Calendar

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Parish Council

Report fly-tipping

Moving around the country lanes of Higham, whether on foot, bike or car, can be a most pleasant experience. Take in the sights of the rolling English countryside or the view across the Thames or how about this:

Not a sight that anybody would want to see on their travels around our village. Unfortunately, incidents of fly tipping are becoming increasingly common in the lanes of Higham and neighbouring villages.

How do I report fly-tipping?

It is essential that all incidences of fly-tipping that you see are reported to Gravesham Borough Council (GBC). If you see fly tipping, please report it immediately and do not think that someone else will do it – report it straight away to GBC for it to be removed. We have found that GBC are very efficient at removing unsightly, polluting and dangerous waste so keep up the good work Gravesham!

Fly-tipping can be quickly and easily reported online via the GBC website by clicking on the image below

Have you heard of the Country Eye Mobile App?

The Country Eye mobile phone app has been built to help Kent residents, farmers and countryside users to receive rural information and to report criminal activity / information quickly and efficiently. The mobile phone app allows users to record and share information on crime, suspicious behaviour and damage in their home community or whilst out and about.

The Country Eye app is available to download for free from the Apple Store for Apple devices  and Google Play Store for Android devices .

Click on the image below for more information:

Let’s beat them not join them – Remember, that it’s your responsibility to get rid of your rubbish and waste properly and legally.

Sometimes unlawful traders take rubbish from you for a small fee and then just dump it. This type of environmental crime is a blight on our open spaces, and spoils our area for those who live here and visit.

Only businesses that are registered to carry waste can take away rubbish, this includes our own household waste collection.

Anyone that is visited by a door-to-door rubbish collector or chooses to use a contractor should ask if they are a registered waste carrier and ask for their waste carrier number. You can then ask the Environment Agency to do a validation check.

This will be able to tell you if the contractor is registered. If they’re not please do not use them no matter how reasonable you feel their prices are!

The Parish Council

FOR INFO: Lower Thames Crossing – Utility Trial Trenching near Claylane Woods

Balfour Beatty, on behalf of Highways England, will soon be starting utility survey works near Claylane Woods that will require them to temporarily divert a section of the 177 cycleway.
•WHERE: The survey works will take place along a section of the 177 cycleway, adjacent to Claylane Woods and the A2 – please see the map below
•WHEN: From w/c 5 October until early 2021
The works will involve excavating two trenches and using scanning equipment to identify the existing utilities. Before doing so, they will first need to remove shrubbery at the trench locations. None of the ancient woodland will be impacted by these works.
During this period, a section of the 177 cycleway will be diverted around the works.
On occasions, they may have to close the A2 eastbound slip road from the Gravesend East junction at night. This will be to enable them to carry out their installation of a safety barrier or make alterations to it.
These surveys are to help Highway England better understand the locations of existing underground utilities along and near to the proposed route of the Lower Thames Crossing. This will help them plan utility diversions and where they would be required to build the project.

Higham Parish Council

FOR INFO: Notice of Landowner Deposit Statement

The following statements have been spotted across various locations in the village including hermitage Lane and the Recreation ground.

Higham Parish Council would like to clarify what the document means.

This is to do with landowner protection – in this case St John’s College. Depositing a statement and map means they are letting KCC know about existing public rights of way across their land and declaring they have no intention to dedicate any further routes to the public.
Find out more here on the KCC website:

Higham Parish Council