Three residents in the street (from Ash Crescent), Amy Furrents,  Alison Furrents and Ian Pearson in Higham, Kent decided to organise a street party for the jubilee for the community and take part in The Queens Green Canopy too, to help with the environment and hopefully help a small way with the climate changes that is happening to our world.

The money for the tree and plaque came from kind donations from present and past residents of Ash Crescent, which was donated at the street party in June 2022.

The tree was going to be planted originally to celebrate the Queens platinum jubilee, but due to the sad loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II this year, the oak tree was planted in her memory instead.

The planting took place at Dickens court Green, Mountbatten avenue, Higham on the 5 November 2022 at 12pm. With the local Parish and Borough Councillor Les Pearton supporting the event and saying a few words, praising the residents of Ash Crescent for planting a tree and taking part in The Queens Green Canopy. After the event, every resident that turned up for the tree planting, helped plant the tree, each taking it turns to add some soil.

A plaque was then placed in front of the tree.  The plaque was designed by a local business, Phil from Kent Lasercraft.  He has created many projects in Higham and surrounding areas, his beautiful WW1 soldiers for Remembrance Day have been seen in many places.

The day went well, even the rain held off for the planting.