For those wishing to organise Street Parties for the Queen’s Jubilee, please see link to apply 

On Thursday 2 June the St John’s Bellringers will be ringing for the Queen between 19:52 hours and 20:22 hours – the idea is that this will then followed by a right royal rousing round of applause.

Whether you’re parting on your street, barbecuing in the garden or watching the celebrations on your TV – come out on your doorstep as the bells stop at 8.22pm.

Pass the message on so that all your neighbours and friends know about this.

Parish Council Meetings for 2022

About the village

The Parish consists mainly of agricultural farmland but set within its countryside are the villages of Higham Upshire, Lower Higham and Three Crutches, the small hamlet of Church Street and Higham’s several remaining great houses.

Upper / Mid Higham – The village, lying to the east of Gravesend, is located on relatively high ground to the west of Telegraph Hill. The village, which has historical connections with Charles Dickens, lies on the north side of the Gravesend/Rochester Road (A226), enjoys a range of facilities and has attracted much residential growth in the past. The A289 Medway Towns Northern Relief Road junction is situated just to the east of the village. This has had a major impact on the character of the dry valley to the south and east of the village.

Lower Higham – The village occupies the lower terrain to the north of Higham Upshire and straddles the North Kent railway line and the adjoining disused Thames and Medway Canal. It is a settlement with few facilities and a piecemeal development pattern. The availability of rail travel from this location has attracted residential growth.

Further extension of this settlement is not envisaged, in order to prevent the further spread of residential development into its open agricultural surroundings and to avoid conflict with Green Belt policy. Any new development is expected to be relatively minor.