FOR INFO: An update from Matt Joblin of ‘Higham Help – Coronavirus (COVID-19)’

We thought that you might like an update on what Higham Help – Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been doing in the village to support the elderly and vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Matt Joblin from Higham Help – Coronavirus (COVID-19) has sent us this:
“We’ve set up this crowdfunding page to look after our elderly, vulnerable and those at higher risk of coronavirus in our village during the pandemic.

Staying at home and away from other people (social distancing) presents a lot of challenges for the elderly, vulnerable and those at higher risk.

We intend to support them in overcoming these challenges, enabling them to stay safe at home and stop the infection spreading by shopping for their basic necessities (food and medicine) providing anti bacterial soaps, hand sanitiser, tissues, toilet paper FREE of CHARGE.”

Matt Joblin, Higham Help

1) We’ve fundraised £1885 via Just Giving (as of 11th May 2020)

2) Ensured we have 100% of the village covered by 35+ volunteers to pick up shopping/urgent medical supplies, friendly phone calls and posting letters paying bills etc
3) Have produced and distributed 150+ Essential Kits painted by local chidren in the village for elderly, vulnerable, pregnant, those at increased risk inc soaps, antibac, hand sanitizer, tissues, toilet paper disinfectant etc partnering up with Hayleys of Higham and The Village Greengrocers of Higham for delivery/ logistics
4) Bottled and distributed Alcohol Hand Sanitizer FREE of charge to the most vulnerable and fitted dispensers in all local shops and sheltered housing entry/exit points
5) Launched a FREE library for ALL to use at Hayleys of Higham
6) Developed NEW kits to keep an active mind with books, crosswords, sudoku, jigsaws, painting, DVD’s
7) Easter cards designed and delivered by Nick Harvey with all proceeds going towards supporting the elderly/ vulnerable
8) Cards designed by village artists based on their favourite places in Higham – all proceeds once again to support elderly/vulnerable – special edition 1 created for Captain Toms birthday
9) Sunflower seed grow kits for approx 150+ people in the village to plant where everyone can see on their permitted daily excercise to promote an active body and mind – Kits are also supplied to the elderly and vulnerable to keep them physically active and grow at home – create a community excercise everyone can get involved in
10) Disinfect and sanitize all comunual entrance/exit points in sheltered housing
11) Record and produce Vic Bailey (Local Musician) CD with all proceeds going towards helping the elderly/vulnerable
12) Working with Anisa on new concept NHS Sunday FREE Biryani for ALL NHS workers living in Higham
We would like to continue the valuable work we’re doing in the village and would appreciate your support our Just Giving page details are below
This is such a fantastic achievement and ashows what a real sense of community we have here in Higham. To further support Matt and his team of volunteers, Higham Parish Council have donated £1000 to Higham Help to help in their work across the village.
Thank you for your continued support.
Higham Parish Council

For Info: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Higham Parish Council team up with Helping Hands




Higham Parish Council  has joined forces with the Helping Hands Facebook group which has been set up in the neighbouring villages of Cliffe, Cliffe Woods and Wainscott to ensure all those in Higham receive any assistance that they need.

Assistance given may include:-

  •   Picking up shopping
  •   Posting mail
  •   Getting urgent supplies
  •   A friendly phone call

If you are able to help , or you need help, please contact the Parish Clerk by email on or by telephone on 01474  822642 (email is preferred). Higham Parish Council will use the bank of volunteers to ensure those who are unable to go out receive the support that they need.

If you are able to offer your help you will be asked to select a road in the village and fill in copies of the Helping Hands slips (shown below) with your contact name and a number for the self-isolating person to contact you, before posting through the front doors.

IMPORTANT Please be aware that people may be targeted by criminals who seek to take advantage of those who are in self-isolation. Please only deal with people that you know, or who have been arranged via Higham Parish Council.

For more information please contact:-

Linda Carnall

Clerk to Higham Parish Council

01474  822642 /


MAJOR LOCAL INITIATIVE – Coronavirus communication

MAJOR LOCAL INITIATIVE – Coronavirus communication

Please sign up now.

Gravesham Community Support

This website and database has been set up by Adam Holloway MP and Gravesham Borough Council leader John Burden working with Gravesham Council, Parish Councils, voluntary organisations, the police and the emergency services.

This is a database that will assist Gravesham residents during the weeks and months ahead.

By entering your contact details we will be able to link you up with people in your local area, so that you can help and be helped.

It will also be a highly-effective means of you receiving information and advice from the Council and the Emergency Services.

May we beg you to spend two minutes signing up, and ask you to share this and email the link to your friends and family in Gravesham.

The coming weeks are going to be very rough for many people.

Let’s create our own outbreak of Super Neighbourliness in the Borough.

Higham Parish Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A message from your Borough Councillors, Leslie Pearton and Harold Craske

CORANO VIRUS – A message from your Borough Councillors, Leslie Pearton and Harold Craske

We could not be more proud of our village of Higham and its people.  The amount of help offered and people volunteering during this national crisis is more than commendable.  Social media is an exceptional tool when being used sensibly, for sending messages out to everyone to assist those whether elderly or vulnerable.  Many volunteer help groups were swiftly set up in this way and those in need are hopefully reaping the benefits of their actions.  No more so, have we ever needed to pull together and our grateful thanks go out to those who set up and have volunteered for the Helping Hands Group, Matthew Mark Luke-John, the Village Greengrocers, Hayleys of Higham, the Village Fryers, our local Post Office and shop, Acme Wines and Meadows Mini-Mart to name but a few and we are aware that there are many, many more people/businesses in our village willing to and have offered help and support to those that need it; for those self-isolating, elderly and vulnerable.  Thanks also go out to the Headteacher and her Staff of our local Primary School, who have remained open for children of key workers and working under increased amount of strain and pressure.

Please join us in thanking all those who are giving up their time and/or working excessively under extreme circumstances, sometimes receiving unnecessary abuse but still willing to carry on.  Apologies if we have not mentioned you in person but you know who you are and if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us or any Parish Councillor (details on the Parish Council Website).  Likewise, contact us if you have not received any help or assistance but need it.

If you wish to volunteer to help any of the abovementioned groups/services (there are many roads not yet covered by the Helping Hands Group) and do not have their contact details, you can contact Cllr Pearton by calling 01474-822080.

…. And it is so lovely to see so many children’s Rainbows on your windows!!  (Good luck with the home schooling!)

Keep well – keep safe!

Your Borough Councillors

Leslie Pearton and Harold Craske