I must begin this report by asking you to join in with thanks and gratitude to all the NHS workers,

Key workers, volunteers and others who have all worked tremendously hard to keep us safe and well during this pandemic.    Our thoughts also should be with those who have lost loved ones and friends as a result and others who have passed away, may they rest in peace.

In the past our AGM’s have always been held in April.  However due to a clash of my holiday arrangements, I asked the committee if it was possible to reschedule until May.  Following discussion and consulting the club’s constitution it was agreed to arrange the meeting for May 22nd.

Unfortunately, we did not know at the time, what the future had instore for us all in the shape of Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic!

At the beginning of March 2020, Covid 19 came along and changed life as we have known it and our meetings, on government advice had to be cancelled and as yet, we do not know when they will restart.  I would like to say, we have had a lot of advice and support from the Chair and committee of KentARA during this time and we thank them for that.  Between us we have all tried to keep in touch with many of the members as possible whilst being isolated and keeping them informed.    Our new website, is up and running and all the club’s information can be found there as well as the newsletter.   Thank you to Jenny who kindly volunteered to set it up.   A copy of our main meeting report can also be found on the Higham Parish Council website, by this everyone is kept informed about the club’s meetings and activities.

I am pleased to report that attendance at both main and activity meetings has been very good.   Our speakers have been of interest and we have learned from their various topics.

Our social events and days out have also been most enjoyable.

We had arranged to hand over a cheque to our nominated charity (A.D.S.S) at the AGM but this also has had to be postponed and will take place at a later date. Please keep saving your pennies to donate.   Your used stamps are donated to the RNIB via Chalk Church.  Save your plastic bottle tops too.

I would like to say a special thank you to all the committee who have supported me, read all my rambling emails over the year and worked so very hard in all the arrangements.  They have all been brilliant.   A special mention and thank you to Ian, our Vice Chair, who has kindly stepped in for me when I have not been able to attend.   The position of Secretary, currently remains vacant but we will have nominations and elections when the time comes.  Meanwhile, the current committee are remaining in their roles.

My thanks go to the teams of helpers, who organise the raffle, who run the book stall, set up the hall, do the refreshments, sell cards and crafts for our fund raising, write up reports etc, etc.  Too many to mention by name but all an essential part of a successful club.   Let’s give them all round of “virtual” applause in appreciation.

Liz Jeffery, HiARA Chair