FOR INFO: Notice of Landowner Deposit Statement

The following statements have been spotted across various locations in the village including hermitage Lane and the Recreation ground.

Higham Parish Council would like to clarify what the document means.

This is to do with landowner protection – in this case St John’s College. Depositing a statement and map means they are letting KCC know about existing public rights of way across their land and declaring they have no intention to dedicate any further routes to the public.
Find out more here on the KCC website:

Higham Parish Council

FOR INFO: Play areas in Higham are re-opening

Playgrounds are re-opening – and here’s what parents need to know

From Saturday 4th July, childrens’ outdoor playgrounds are being allowed to re-open in many parts of the UK, after a long closure due to coronavirus. And that’s wonderful news for all of us with children who’ve been missing the slides and swings and climbing frames in our local park.

What date are children’s playgrounds opening?

  • In England, playgrounds can open from Saturday 4th July

When my local children’s playground opens, what safety precautions do I need to take?

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is particularly keen to for parents to be careful of any playground features that may have been secured to put them out of use. They recommend that you do not unravel any swing seats or cables that have been secured to put them out of use. This is something that must be done safely by the playground’s owner or operator. Higham Parish Council will ensure that all play areas are ready for use on the 4th July.

Other important safety tips include:

  • Follow the current social-distancing guidelines when you’re in the playground. and encourage your children to do the same.
  • If the playground is busy, consider coming back at a later time. Talk to your children about this possibility before you set out.
  • Wash your hands and your childrens’ hands before and after visiting the playground.
  • Take hand-sanitiser with you and consider taking a bottle of water too to clean your childrens’ hands if they get covered in mud or sand. Ensure your children are using hand-sanitiser frequently.

Thank you for your continued support.

Higham Parish Council

Higham Library and Coronavirus

Higham Library and Coronavirus

All Kent County Council libraries will be closing from 5pm on Friday 20th March for the foreseeable future.

Kent Libraries

Please check the Events calendar on the Parish Council website for further details on events that are running or have been cancelled/postponed.

Events Calendar

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Parish Council

**CANCELLED** HiARA Meetings

Because of the current government advice all of HiARA’s weekly meetings are cancelled until further notice.

HiARA Committee


Higham Speedwatch Group Needs You!

Higham Speedwatch Group, coordinated by Peter Leakey (Higham resident), is a voluntary group dedicated to making Higham’s roads and lanes a safer place to enjoy. They are now looking for new recruits to join their valuable work in the our community.

The group go out and about in Higham regularly with mobile speeding equipment and record speeds of passing vehicles.  Any vehicles that are over the speed limit are reported to the Police. For instance, in a 30mph speed limit area, we report vehicles travelling at 35mph and above to the police; in a 40mph area, we report speeds of 46 mph and above to the police. This is in line with Community Speedwatch guidelines.

Why volunteer for Higham Speedwatch?

Higham Parish Council is lobbying for a weight restriction in the village in Villa Road, Forge Lane and School Lane. We need to look at baseline data and solid evidence of traffic movements (average speeds and type of vehicles) through the village which will help to make our case more robust.

Peter is looking for new recruits to join the valuable work he undertakes in our community. Use the link below to contact Peter Leakey for more information on how to become a Community Speedwatch volunteer:

Email Peter Leakey

More about Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch is a national initiative where, in partnership with the police, members of communities use detection devices to monitor local vehicle speeds.

The volunteers report drivers exceeding the speed limit to the police with the aim of educating drivers to slow down.

If the data proves a driver is ignoring repeated warnings police can prosecute them. The aim is to:

  • reduce death and injury on the roads
  • improve the quality of life for local communities
  • reduce the speed of vehicles to the speed limit
  • increase public awareness of inappropriate speed

Please see the CSW video below for more information on how the scheme works in practice.

For more information on CSW visit the Community Speedwatch website: