FOR ACTION Emerging Local Plan (Gravesham)

Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Consultation

Following the Regulation 18 (Stage 1) Consultation in 2018, Gravesham Borough Council (GBC) have considered the representations received and gathered additional information to inform the amount of housing, employment and retail development needed in the Borough to 2036.

GBC are seeking views on these issues and the options for determining where future development could take place to meet identified needs. GBC are also seeking views on the sites that it is proposed to allocate for housing and employment in addition to those already allocated in the Local Plan Core Strategy, and the updated policies in the Development Management Policies Document.

Gravesham Borough Council (GBC) is in the process of reviewing this document which guides housing and employment development in the whole Borough. It therefore has a potential impact for all of us living and working in Higham. As part of the Review GBC are required to consult with residents and other key individuals and organisations. One of its key assumptions is that by 2036, there will be a need for an extra 10,480 houses although the population of the Borough is only expected to increase from 106,900 to 109,500 in the same period – this is effectively 3 houses per new resident!

The Consultation has started and will close on 31 December (this is later than the original closing date due to the current lock down)

A large number of documents, site plans showing potential development areas, draft policies that deal with issues arising from planning applications are available on the Borough Council website

As we understand it paper copies of the documents are not available residents can access them online or can visit the Civic Centre in Gravesend. If you, or someone you know, cannot access via either of these methods you may like to write to the Chief Planning Officer and Chief Executive and say that GBC has a legal duty to provide the information in a manner/format in which you can use it.

A number of potential sites in Higham have been identified for potential development and the Parish Council are working hard to look at the implications IF any of these sites were to be developed.

The Parish Council will be sending a detailed response to GBC and individual residents can complete the consultation Questionnaire. If all these sites were developed, the number of dwellings in Higham would double.

The Parish Council is going to provide residents with> additional information via leaflets, our website and facebook page. We suggest you read through the documents and if you have any questions or comments contact the Parish Clerk at

As there are still six weeks before the consultation closes you may wish to wait for further guidance and information before responding. In the meantime please alert your friends and neighbours to the consultation and encourage them to view the documents and to look out for further information from the Parish Council.

Thank your for your continued support.

Higham Parish CouncilĀ