Lower Thames Crossing – Utility Trial Trenching along the A2

Balfour Beatty, on behalf of Highways England (HE), will be starting utility survey works on the A2 near Inn on the Lake that may require them to temporarily reduce the number of lanes from 4 down to 3.

  • WHERE: The survey works will take place on the A2 hard shoulder adjacent to Inn on the Lake
  • WHEN: From 25 January to latest May 2021
  • WHAT: The works will involve excavating trenches and using scanning equipment to identify the position and direction of an existing gas main.

The works will be carried out in phases, with Phase 1 anticipated to take one month and Phase 2, if required, could take up to three months.

Phase 1 will only close the hard shoulder with 4 lanes of traffic still open. However, on the 25th January there will be a full lane closure for one night on this section of the A2 (coastbound from Hever Court Road roundabout) with full diversion signs in place.

If during the first phase of digging HE are unable to identify the gas main, they will then have to dig a deeper excavation (Phase 2). If this is required, HE would also need to close a small section of lane one on the A2 east bound carriageway. This is due to the proximity to the deep excavation and for the safety of staff.  The closure of lane one would be between the Gravesend East junction and Cobham and Shorne. Traffic would also be reduced to 50mph between these points.

These surveys are to help HE better understand the locations of existing underground utilities along and near to the proposed route of the Lower Thames Crossing. This will help them plan utility diversions and where they would be required to build the project.

For more information on these survey activities, please visit the HE website Highways England – Utility Trial Trenching for the Lower Thames Crossing .

Thank you for your continued support.

Higham Parish Council