101 is the Police Non-Emergency Number

101 is the national non-emergency number to contact Police in your area. Residents in the Kent policing area should call 101 to contact their local officer, make an enquiry and to report non-urgent crimes.

REMEMBER  – ONLY dial 999 in an emergency when life is in danger or a crime is in progress.

Examples when to use 101 are:

  • if your car has been stolen,
  • if property has been damaged,
  • if you suspect drug use or dealing,
  • to report a minor traffic collision,
  • to give information about a crime or criminals in your local area.

Each call will never cost more than 15p. Callers will be put through to Force Control Room in Kent and not a national call centre.

Community Policing Volunteers

Kent Police are looking for volunteers to play a new role in community policing. Could this be you? If so, please follow the link below:

Communiity Policing Volunteer

Higham Library Information

Library Extra

It is now possible to access Higham Library when it’s not staffed! Wow!

Outside the usual staffed ‘opening’ hours, using a Library Extra registered Kent Library Card and your personal PIN, you can enter Higham Library from 7am until 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

This is ideal for customers who find it difficult to get to the library during its opening hours, to pick up a reservation or return a book for example, but it also provides an opportunity for quiet study and email catch-up, using the public computers for an hour or the free WiFi.

If you are interested in registering for Library Extra at Higham, anybody (with proof of address and DOB and with a current library card) can sign up for this amazing service! You just need to sign a short form accepting the Terms & Conditions of the service and receive a short induction from the helpful library staff.

You do have to pop in during the staffed hours to do this though!

Library hours are as follows:

Higham library opening hours

What is happening at Higham Library and when?


  • Knit & Natter – Knitting and crochet every Tuesday 6-8pm for beginners and old hands!! (Library Extra card needed)
  • Books & Beverage – Book club meeting 2.30-4pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month discussing books by a chosen author for the month. Refreshments served by Paul, the Community Warden!


  • Talk Time – Meet up and chat, with refreshments and quiz, every Wednesday 10-11.30am.


  • Higham Library Book Club – Book club meeting 6.45-9pm on the 1st Thursday of the month discussing the chosen book of the month. Very informal. (Library Extra card needed)
  • Higham Quilters – Quilting group meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, 7-9pm. (Library Extra card needed)
  • Community Warden Surgery  – Last Thursday of the month 2.30-4pm. Raise any issues with Paul Hassell – our friendly KCC Community Warden together with a local Parish Councillor. Free refreshments provided!


  • Baby Rhyme Time – Every Friday during school term time, 9.30-10.30am (term time)
  • Parent & Carer Talk Time on Friday 10:30am – 11:30am (term time)


  • Reading Champion  — Every Saturday, 10.15-11.15am, a young volunteer reads with children.


What else is on offer at Higham Library?

Home Library Service (HLS) – If you are someone (or you know of someone) who would like to borrow a book (standard or large print) or audio disc (spoken word) but you’re unable to get to the library, we have a volunteer who can visit you fortnightly with books for your enjoyment. There is no charge for this service and you have an extended loan period.

Chess – Why not pop in with a friend to play a game of chess, using our lovely, donated chess set. If you fancy setting up a Chess Club, even better!

Coming Soon!  — Higham Village History Group now has its archive materials stored at the library and a volunteer will be available once a month to help customers with their local history enquiries. Dates/times to be confirmed. Watch this space!


For more information on Higham Library (facilities, location, parking etc. ), visit the Kent County Council libraries website:

Kent County Council – Higham Library

KCC Household Waste Recycling Centres – Charging Policy

Kent County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres – charging policy

Please note that Kent County Council are now charging for the disposal of non-household waste materials . These items include:

  • breeze blocks, bricks, cement, concrete and drain pipes
  • ceramic bathroom and kitchen items (baths, bidets, cisterns, shower trays, sinks, toilet pans, wash basins)
  • flagstones, granite, marble, paving slabs
  • hardcore, rubble, gravel, rocks, stones
  • plasterboard
  • sand
  • soil
  • tiles (ceramic, clay, slate)
  • tyres (charged for since 2012)

This charging policy is consistent across all eighteen of their Household Waste Recycling Centres including Pepper Hill and Cuxton. The charging policy started in early June 2019. These charges have been introduced to recover the cost of dealing with these types of non-household waste while still being able to offer a disposal service. The charges are intended to help KCC achieve critical savings while still maintaining a comprehensive service for residents.

Price details as follows:

Soil, sand and rubble (including ceramic bathroom and kitchen items)

  • £4 per bag or item (bag up to the size of a standard black sack), limited to 5 bags (or equivalent) per day.
  • Includes: breeze blocks, bricks, cement, concrete, drain pipes, ceramic bathroom and kitchen items (baths, bidets, cisterns, shower trays, sinks, toilet pans, wash basins), flagstones, granite, gravel, hardcore, marble, paving slabs, rocks, rubble, sand, soil, stones and tiles (ceramic, clay, slate).
  • Ideally the waste should be brought in bags for ease of disposal, but loose material can be accepted.
  • These materials must be placed in the soil, rubble and hardcore recycling area.
  • Before disposing of tiles with plasterboard on, please separate them. If this is not possible, please talk to a member of staff.


  • £6 per bag or sheet of plasterboard (bag up to the size of a standard black sack).
  • Plasterboard must be placed in the designated plasterboard recycling area.


  • £2.50 per tyre (car and motorbike tyres), limited to 5 tyres per visit. Commercial tyres will not be accepted.
  • Tyres must be placed in the designated recycling area.
  • We have charged for domestic tyres since 2012.

Payment will be by card only and there will be a dedicated member of staff to assist customers when they arrive at site with chargeable waste items. You can request a VAT receipt by asking a member of the site staff.

We have a Village Correspondent!

Higham has a village correspondent who is the Parishioner’s link to the local press in the Gravesham area. Her name is Elizabeth Jeffery and she is also a Parish Councillor (Chair of the Executive Development Working Group).

If your group or association has any news they wish to share please contact Councillor Elizabeth Jeffery on  01474 747090 or by e-mail cllr.jeffrey@higham-kent-pc.gov.uk

The Parish Council

Postal and Telephone Scams

Parcel Scam Alert

Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch are aware of a warning Royal Mail have put out. They have advised that there is currently a scam happening due to Christmas fast approaching.

A Card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 09066 611911 (a premium rate number).

If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed for £315 for the phone call.

If you do receive a card with these details then contact Royal Mail Fraud.

Royal Mail’s website has very helpful details in relation to Scam mail.  Please make all family and friends aware that there may be many other scams similar to this. If you are ordering online and getting deliveries, confirm who your item will be delivered by/to

Unwanted Telephone calls

If you keep getting calls from a withheld number, contact your phone provider who should have a dedicated team for handling nuisance calls. Your phone provider can advise you on what to do next, and may even be able to trace the caller to stop them contacting you again.

They may also be able to help you set up caller display, or block calls from withheld numbers. For example, BT Call Protect lets you send blocked calls straight to a junk folder.

Contact your phone company via their website, or by calling their customer service team to find out more.

Register with TPS

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) mainly exists to combat unwanted sales calls and registering with them should help you reduce the number of silent calls you receive.

It is free to register and unwanted calls should stop within 28 days after registration is complete. TPS lets you:

  • Stop unwanted marketing calls
  • Stop unwanted text messages
  • Prevent calls at inconvenient times
  • Allow valid calls to get through
  • Stop calls about products you are not interested in
  • Find out who is calling

UK companies are required by TPS to display their phone number so it is easier for you to report unwanted calls from the same number.

To check the number of the call, screen the call using your handset and make a note of the phone number, along with the date and time of the call. You can then report the company to the Information Commissioner’s Office who will investigate and potentially issue fines for unwanted cold calls.

What is spoofing?

This is where nuisance callers and criminals change their caller ID to hide who they are, or to appear as though calling from a real company. For example, identity thieves who want to steal your bank details will pretend they are calling from your bank or building society. If you think you have been contacted by someone trying to commit identity fraud, you should:

  • Not give out your personal details
  • Hang up the phone
  • Wait five minutes, to make sure the fraudulent call has ended
  • Contact the company the caller claimed to work for, to see if the call was genuine
  • If you think you have been a victim of spoofing, you can contact Action Fraud via their website or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Complain to Ofcom

You can report silent calls or abandoned calls to the telecoms regulator Ofcom so that they can investigate further. To complain about a silent call:

Visit the Ofcom website

  • Enter details about when you received the call
  • Confirm what number it came from
  • Report a recorded message or silence on the line
  • If Ofcom needs more information about your complaint they may contact you, but in most cases this is unnecessary.

Report intimidating calls

If you believe the calls you are receiving are from an individual who is deliberately trying to intimidate you, you should contact the police by calling 101.