: Alan Howard: cllr.howard@higham-kent-pc.gov.uk

I am Councillor Alan Howard and I have lived in our lovely village of Higham for 44 years with my wife Sue.

I have three adult daughters brought up here in the village and attending both the village school and local secondary schools.  Four of my grandchildren have attended the village school.

My working career was Distribution and Transport Manager for a food manufacturing company based in south London.

I have been a member of the Parish Council for over 30 years and was initially attracted to the role by the inappropriate actions of a minority within our community, which I determined should cease.

Whilst a Councillor it has been a privilege to have represented our Parish Council on the Kent Association of Local Councils local committee to discuss  issues such as fly-tipping, housing development, policing, lorry parking and anti-social activities and represent the Council together with a colleague at the annual conference for the organisation.

Additionally I have been involved with the management of the Parish Allotments over many years.

I am currently on the local Policing Committee to raise awareness to Kent Police of the difficulties our community faces from speeding, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Together with colleagues I attend the local surgery held in the library by our Community Warden and I am a member of the village Speedwatch team.

With colleagues I am part of the  emergency team, maintaining village salt and grit levels for adverse weather.