: David Martin: cllr.martin@higham-kent-pc.gov.uk

I was born in Gravesend (as were my parents) and brought up in Shorne.

My wife and I moved to Higham in 1986 and have remained in the village ever since.

I have spent the whole of my life commuting from local railway stations to work in London, although now I only work part time.

Outside of work, apart from spending time with my family, I spend quite a lot of time gardening and doing DIY and I am interested in rural affairs, having family farming connections.

I believe it is important  that the village retains its rural nature and, while they have been major developments in the past, large scale developments should be resisted in the future in order to preserve the semi-rural nature of the parish and protect the green belt.

I also believe that we should work to restrict the large goods vehicle travelling through the village and restrict the activities which generate these movements, even though these are located outside the parish.