: Les Pearton: leslie.pearton@gravesham.gov.uk
Born and bred in Higham, I have been a Borough Councillor representing the  Parish of Higham, and in my third term i.e. ninth year and a Parish Councillor for many, many more.  I have, and always will, endeavour to protect and maintain the green belt in Higham and in the surrounding areas thus increasing its conservation areas if need be.  
The protection of the important commuter link which Higham Station provides our village commuters and enabling the retention of a regular and improved timetable, is paramount.
Whilst I appreciate the need for a further Thames Crossing, the impact on my Parish is being carefully monitored.  This is of the utmost importance as we strive to maintain the rural setting of Higham and we must ensure that the effects of traffic movement and parking throughout the village and in surrounding areas, that come with large-scale development, are kept to a minimum. Supporting the local community, shops, the school, the library and other services is of great importance to me too.  
Efforts in combatting fly-tipping are never-ending, but will continue to persist. 
Work permitting, I am always available for my Parishioners needs and concerns and always hope to resolve as many issues in my power to do so.