TEMPOROARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING & PEDESTRIANS/CYCLISTS – Footpath on St Columba’s Close Through to the Junction with Footpath from Valley Drive to St Dunstan’s Drive – 12 July 2021 & St Hilda’s Way – 31 August 2021Gravesend

To allow gas mains replacement works to be carried out, Kent County Council has made an Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on part of St Hilda’s WayGravesend. Pedestrians and cyclists will be prohibited on the footpath located on St Columbas Close which links to Footpath From Valley Drive to St Dunstan’s Drive.

The footpath located on St Columba’s Close which links to Footpath from Valley Drive to St Dunstan’s Drive closure is planned from 12th July 2021 for 2 weeks.

The St Hilda’s Way road closure is planned from 31st August 2021 to 13th September 2021.

St Hilda’s Way will be closed outside numbers 32 to 34. The alternative route for any through traffic is via St Hilda’s Way, St Gregory’s Crescent, St Aidan’s Way, Valley Drive and vice versa.

For information regarding this closure please contact SGN, who will able to assist with the scope of these works.