Our Parish Clerk spoke to Adam Holloway on 23rd January 2021 and Higham Parish Council received this from his Parliamentary Caseworker:
“The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) now say that Highparks will start vaccinating patients the week commencing 25th January – a full six weeks after other areas.
Whilst I remain appalled on the part of all the Higham over 80s & others now waiting for their first vaccination, please do not contact the surgery but wait until you are contacted.
I will be keeping a very close eye on progress and will not hesitate to push the CCG if the promised additional vaccine supplies do not materialise or it looks like they are going to miss the target date of 14th of February.
Please can anyone over 70 who has not received an appointment for vaccination by 7th of February get in touch with me:”
Adam Holloway MP

Thank you for your continued support.
Higham Parish Council