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The Parish of Higham nestles between the River Thames and the North Downs midway between Gravesend and the Medway towns.  It is part of Gravesham Borough within the County of Kent. Charles Dickens, the celebrated English novelist, made Higham his home in 1856 and died here at Gads Hill Place in June 1870. Much more information and news throughout this web site - please explore it fully.

Next PC Meeting: 2nd July 2018

Save the Date - 20th July ''Summer Sounds"


Local Plan Review affects the future for Higham village, your family and the Green Belt

Local Review Consultation Questionnaire Quick Guide
[ Download hi-res version of the Questionnaire Quick Guide and a complete Questionnaire detailed response guide ]

Local Plan Review - useful sources of information:



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Higham Parish Council -- www.facebook.com/highamparishcouncil/?ref=bookmarks
Gravesham Green Belt Under Threat -- www.facebook.com/groups/Gravesham.Green.Belt.Under.Threat/

For further information or to ask a question contact Higham Parish Council Phone 01474 822642 or Email highampc@hotmail.com.  Read our Local Plan, Green Belt and Housing Privacy Notice.

The Gravesham Local Plan Review Consultation documents were delivered to every home in the Village - look out for your copy.

Local Plan Review Questionnaire booklet imageLocal Plan Review Questionnaire image

Higham Parish Council recommends that residents do not rush to complete the Questionnaire which is also available on line at www.gravesham.gov.uk/yoursay. This is a really important consultation which has implications for Higham, the rural area and the Green Belt. Local Plan Consultation - deadline for responses has been extended - NOW 11 JULY 2018.

The Parish Council arranged a PUBLIC MEETING on 30th May 2018 to discuss the Local Plan and to provide help in completing the questionnaire. See these photographs of the standing-room only event where much helpful detail and clarity was given to people.

The busy and packed Public Meeting 30 May 2018
The busy and packed Public Meeting 30 May 2018The busy and packed Public Meeting 30 May 2018

L a t e s t    U p d a t e s   a n d   E v e n t s...
 Councillors and Warden Drop-In |   Draft Village Plan Published 


Thank you poster for invaluable assistance during the snow
Dog Poo Poster Reducing the amount of Dog Mess in Higham

The Parish Council have started work to reduce the amount of Dog Mess left on the roads and pavements in our village.

Higham Primary School pupil Dieta Sharma has designed a poster which will be displayed in the Village. If you would like to put one in your window .. let us know (contact details below).

Volunteers will be out and about in the village mapping the location of Dog Mess on pavements and roads to help work out if we need to install additional Bins. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with this they can contact Sue Sparks on 07480 518493 or email sue3906@gmail.com.

All dog owners can help by:
--     Picking up the poo …… Supplies of Poo Bags are available from the Library and Lower Higham Garage.--     Placing bags of poo in poo bins or ordinary litter bins - or taking them home.
Higham Parish Council - News and Special AnnouncementsHigham Primary School pupil Dieta Sharma receiving a prize from Parish Councillor Pam Holmes, for her winning poster design

photo above - Higham Primary School pupil Dieta Sharma receiving a prize from Parish Councillor Pam Holmes, for her winning poster design.

Nowadays a private school, Gads Hill Place was Charles Dickens home until he died.

A reminder that Higham village is a rural community.
Charles Dickens' Gads Hill Place, now a private school Higham is a rural community between the Medway Towns and Gravesend
Local traffic always gives way to large farm vehicles photograph of Parish Council Noticeboard outside Higham Library, November 2009

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